February Snow Moon – Moon Lovers Are in for a Treat


Moon lovers are in for a treat this February. It’s not as famous as the spectacular super blood moon that appeared in January but it will be a great show nonetheless.

The Snow Moon will arrive on February 19 and will be the largest super moon of the year. The date also marks a special moment since the moon will reach its perigee or the closest distance from Earth that is attainable.

The apex moment will take place at 10.53 ETS( or Eastern Standard Time). At this point the perigee is achieved and the Snow Moon is visible in all of its glory. The minimum distance will span 221,734 miles, a milestone that is lower by 540 miles in comparison to the one achieved in January.

Prospective gazers are able to try their luck on two different days. On February 18 the moon will be on its way towards the perigee and lucky viewers will be able to spot it in the evening. During the next evening, the moon will reach and pass the perigee in the span of a few hours. The moon will be very luminous on both occasions, offering a romantic landscape for many people that will go on a late walk.

Some people may be puzzled by its special name.  It is called Snow Moon because February is usually the month in which the heaviest snows fall.   The name appeared in the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Since its still quite cold outside those that wish to admire our favorite satellite for an extended period of time are advised to wear insulated warm clothing and pack hot drinks.

In some areas people will be able to visit local observatories and get the chance to view the moon through a high-power telescope.

If you want to know the best moment to spot the phenomenon you can check the exact timeframe for your zone by using Gooogle, our best friend.


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