Ex-NASA Chief Spills the Tea on Life on Mars


Dr. Ellen Stofan sustains the theory that life has evolved on Mars before so alien fossils can be found beneath Martian soil.

However, there has never been human-like aliens but only microbial organisms which will be excavated by astronauts when it will be possible.

Stofan is confident that life will evolve on Mars even more.

Taking into consideration the fact that Earth has primarily been populated by microorganisms which then turned into bigger and bigger creatures in an extended period of time, the same could happen on Mars.

Even though she can’t give further information regarding this subject, she stated that NASA would find some extraterrestrial beings in space.

What is being done at the moment?

Currently, scientists are studying exoplanets and the solar system’s resources to sustain life which means that before going on a mission to find aliens, they need to decide where to search. This will be found out from accumulated data from our solar system.

Although NASA is keen on discovering a method to send humans to Mars as soon as possible, there is still more homework to do until there will exist a possibility to dig out the possible prehistoric Martian fossils Dr. Ellen Stofan was talking about.

Since November 2015, NASA had been focusing on Mars, but when Donal Trump came to administer the USA, he changed their attention to the Moon.

President Donald Trump, according to Space Policy Directive-1, is keen on returning to the Moon and after then move to other planets as further destinations.

According to the President of the USA, the country’s space program will refocus on the discovery and human exploration.

Since 1972 nobody has ever put feet on the Moon, but Donald Trump is keen on returning American Astronauts there.

Keep an eye on NASA, and maybe you will see an alien.


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