Elon Musk “There’s Enough CO2 to Terraform Mars, to Make it Inhabitable”


Elon Musk had set a goal trying to make Mars a habitable planet. Lately scientists almost crushed his dreams or of everyone who dreamed of Mars becoming more Earth-like. They found out that there is not enough carbon dioxide left on Mars to create an atmosphere.

Elon Musk known for his power comebacks, said that there is enough carbon dioxide on Mars’s soil and it will become inhabitable and that scientist are wrong, again.

This study released last week in Nature Astronomy demonstrates how the CO2 in Mars is stored in Mars’s soil and rocks and as well as in the ice on its poles. Now researchers contradict Elon Musk who always said that there’s enough CO2 on Mars to create an atmosphere, saying it’s not even close the amount of CO2 needed.

When Elon found out about this research he took on Twitter to have a quick reply.

When Elon replies to the Discover Magazine he doesn’t point out numbers which were on the study and recorded recently on Mars. His reply is in the form, of: “no, I don’t agree with you, there’s enough CO2 to terraform Mars.”

The data published is back-up by hard evidence whilst Elon’s reply is more in the form of what his gut is telling him, and right now it says that Mars could be terraformed, regardless of what the study shows in the form of CO2 percentages. Of course, manned missions won’t happen for another decade or so, up until then we will learn much more about the Mars, about the levels of CO2 available to terraform Mars and then we’ll found out who was right in this situation: a study based solely on numbers provided by instruments used to measure the level of CO2 or the guts of an ambitious entrepreneur.


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