Common Myths and Misconceptions About Human Blood Type


While studies into the human body have been carried out for centuries, there are a number of elements that remain unknown. One of these anomalies relates to our blood: Yes, we know its primary function and we are aware of obvious issues relating to a loss of blood or blood flow but there are some mysteries that still remain.

The primary questions relate to blood type where a host of myths prevail. Can different blood types leave us with specific dietary requirements and can they have an effect on our individual personalities? In this article, we’ll look to separate the facts from the fiction.

Driving our Moods?

One of the more common theories regarding blood type has originated in Japan and South Korea. It suggests that blood type is a driver for our own personalities but are our own moods and mental make up simply down to a case of blood genetics?

Firstly, what, according to this theory, does our blood type reveal? According to the limited research, if you have blood type A then you are sensible, patient and cautious but if you have moved across to type B you are more passionate and creative.

The lists move on and while there may be a small collection of statistics to back this up, this is widely recognized as a pseudoscientific theory. The serious scientific community are happy that there is no real data to confirm this.

You are what you eat?

Beyond personality, another common theory relating to blood type attaches to our diet. Should we really tailor our day to day eating and drinking patterns based purely on whether we are A, B, O and so on?

Various articles exist in relation to this but once again, serious food scientists are satisfied that there is no link between specific blood types. That may be bad news if you hear stories suggesting a high fat or sugar approach is appropriate to your type. Not surprisingly, the same scientists conclude their findings by stating that we should all follow a balanced diet high in iron and one where we consume plenty of water.

Appealing to Suckers

The theories relating to blood type range from the mild to the plain crazy. Falling into the latter category is the suggestion that mosquitoes prefer to attack people with blood type O. Sadly this isn’t the case for you A and B carriers as they really aren’t that discerning. If you’ve got blood they want it so guard against those suckers during mozzie season no matter what.

It’s hard to really identify why these theories come out. Cynics would say that it’s simply down to a vain attempt to gain column inches while there are those who will read this article and insist that some of these suggestions retain an element of truth.

The key word here is pseudoscience: It’s the one tag that should make you wary of any theory relating to blood type or any medical issue.


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