Can Humans Evolve Again If We Are to Rewind Time? 


We all know that our species has appeared as a result of many random events and mutations. However, we also know that, if we are to take into account all the factors, it may have been inevitable that humans walk the Earth.

We are all asking ourselves what would happen if we would rewind time from a certain point in history. The American paleontologist named Stephen Jay Gould has proposed his experiment that took place in the late 1980s. This experiment still has a place in the mind of the evolutionary biologists today.

We would walk a completely new path

Gould stated that, if time were rewound, then we would have a completely new path back to know. People would never re-evolve. He thinks that the evolution of humanity was so rare, that if we would have to start again, from the very beginning, something like the Homo sapiens would never happen again.

He thinks this way because certain events would not repeat, and they would not have the same impact on us, such as the mass extinction events – all the asteroids and volcanic eruptions. Also, genetic mutation, which lies at the basis of evolutionary adaptation is entirely reliant on these events.

Let us take a bright look. Our evolution is based on random mutation. Some rare mutations can improve the chance of survival of an organism in specific environments. This split of species from rare mutations has become common in time. However, the random processes can still happen, and they can lead to a loss of a good mutation. It can also increase the harmful mutations in time. This randomness is what suggests the different life forms if we are to go back in time.

But since we cannot turn back the clock, we will never know what would happen if we are to start over.


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