Brain Scientist Shows How to Keep Your Mind Keen


Exercising your brain is will certainly help you stay sharp even your old age but how do you do it properly? Dr. Jessica Langbaum, a specialist in neurological problems and Alzheimer’s prevention has shared a few tips that will help you keep your mind muscle strong.

You may expect a well-defined training routine but that is not the case. For most working people, simply doing their job is an intensive daily routine that keeps their brain busy with different tasks like information processing, logical challenges and memory trials (especially when you try to remember where are those paper clips.

As someone who has observed the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s daily, and even in her own family, Langbaum has always wanted to make a lasting change that will help people to avoid such issues.

She soon realized that well-known staples like puzzles and games don’t help in the long run, since they focus on select cognitive areas. This may help improve certain aspects of your cognitive system, but more needs to be done in order to have a significant positive impact on your brain.

Brain training programs used during certain studies seem to be able to properly stimulate our mind. Studies have already shown that people who practiced them daily for at least five weeks have manifested a sharper intellect, and positive results have been observed even after the pass of several years. In the case of a trial on elderly people, the sessions helped them improve their reasoning and processing speed.

It has been proved that they delay cognitive impairment and can help you dramatically in the long run, as they keep your brain working even if you are no longer a full-time employee.

Langbaum suggests that focusing on your work should be enough to keep you sharp. Cross-words can also help you exercise your mind while also relaxing, and they can be done almost anywhere. Social interactions are also a must, as they keep you alert and focused.


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