Best Helpful Apps for Hurricane Florence


You may have been preparing for hurricane Florence with food reserves, batteries and battled water. It may come off as a surprise but there are many apps that can also help you. For those that are directly in the path of Florence, the right app may provide valuable support depending on the situation. Below you can find the best apps for your device, mostly free and some paid.

If you need immediate assistance:

Crowdsource Rescue is very useful if the emergency telephone lines will become inaccessible due to various reasons. The app immediately connects you to first responders in your area, using GPS data in order to guide them towards you.

A suitable shelter

Harmany allows users to find temporary shelters during dangerous events. You can also list your house as a shelter if you can and want to help others. Integrated notifications will keep informed when it comes to weather hazards.

Airbnb also runs a program called OpenHomes Airbnb which also offers emergency temporary housing to people in need. The app allows the host to screen their potential guests, and they provoke any damage, it will be reimbursed by the company.

Keep the updates coming

FEMA will give you real-time information from the National Weather Service. It will also help users to find emergency shelters and it packs valuable survival tips, online assistance and other useful features.

iHeart Radio will bring you the lasts news updates from your area as long as you have a working connection

Emergency Communication

.FireChat is a free messaging app that will keep on working even you do not have wireless or mobile data. It uses mesh networks along with your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in order to work and it may come in handy.

Zello is an improved virtual walkie-talkie. It allows you to talk unhindered to a limitless number of people and channels but it requires data or wireless in order to work.

WhatsApp will also come in handy as you can text and call your family even if you don’t have network coverage.

Where to find gas

GasBuddy will allow you to find fuel more easily as it tracks all the gas stations available in your area, showing how much fuel they have available. You can also use the official website if it is more convenient.

First aid matters

The Red Cross apps offer a variety of helpful information. The First Aid app will show you how to handle common problems in a crisis situation.


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