Are There Any Volcanoes Deep in the Ocean?


Specialists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO for short), made the discovery while mapping the ocean bottom at 249 miles east of Tasmania. The undertaking is driven by researchers from the Australian National University. CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency.  Undersea mountains were seen in the water, offering the principal look at a dynamite “submerged world.”

Is there life under the ocean floor?

Researchers say that the mountains ascend to 9,843 feet from the bottom of the ocean. However, the most elevated pinnacles are as yet 6,562 feet underneath the waves.

The mapping has uncovered in lively detail, out of the blue, a chain of volcanic seamounts ascending from a deep plain around 5000m [16,404 feet] down, as said by Dr. Tara Martin, from the CSIRO mapping group, in an announcement. The seamounts shift fit as a fiddle, with some sharp pinnacles, while others have wide flat levels, speckled with little funnel-shaped hills that would have been framed by antiquated volcanic activity.

What did they observe?

The zone is likewise abounding with marine life. While they were over the chain of seamounts, the ship met vast quantities of humpback and pilot whales, as said by Dr. Eric Woehler from BirdLife Tasmania, who was there, too, for the exploration vessel to watch and do research about seabirds and marine life.

They evaluated that somewhere around 28 humpback whales visited them in only one day, trailed by a case of 60-80 finned pilot whales the next day. They additionally observed a lot of seabirds in the region, including four types of albatross and four types of petrel.”

Research says that the seamounts might be a vital “halting point” for some migratory creatures, especially whales, which may utilize the undersea highlights to help the navigation.


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