All You Need to Know About String Theory


Brian Green, a theoretical physicist, is known to have written a number of books in which he explains all the intricate details about anything space related in a language that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their background.

His books tackle issues such as the science of small topics like atomic and subatomic studies and branches of science that deal with the vastness of space and all that is related to it. However, science has said that these two big branches of science do not mix together, at least not up to this moment. However, there is a theory out there that may link the two.

String Theory – what is it

String theory is so interesting as it proposes that the universe is made out of small strings of energy that are always linked together. Brian Green said that, were we to look from an outsider’s perspective at the universe, we would see it like a loaf of bread where everything would be happening at the same time.

This does suggest that even if scientists do not think that the two large branches of science are linked in any way, shape, or form, then that can be contradicted.

Brian Green says that, since he is guided by Einstein’s beliefs, that space and time are on equal footing so that means that they are both linked. If it is true, string theory would imply that there are extra dimensions out there that we cannot see or interact with. Brian Green stated that, if string theory is true, there would need to up to 11 other dimensions. So far, humans would find it very difficult to perceive these extra dimensions since it does not seem physically possible for other things to be out there.

It will be interesting to see what conclusion scientists will reach in the future regarding string theory.

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