Adrenaline Can Help Us Get in Touch with Our Deepest Memories


We all know how thoughts work and how easily they get out of our brain. Dr. D Gregory Powell, who’s the founder of the STARS air ambulance service, made a positive comment in a recent luncheon speech. “Our deepest memories are of events that happened when we were in highly adrenalized states,” said Powell. It’s logical, but is there any scientific proof to back up the theory?   

According to the latest research on human memory, there is  

Some of our memories are state-dependent. This means that you recall them best when you are in a particular state of consciousness as when the memory was formed. This can usually happen if you have a hypnotist around you. He can get you in a trancelike state. We have all heard of these magical numbers.   

Let us take a clear example: if you are studying for an examen, you might want to work in an environment that is close to the setting of the exam. It’s the logical thing to do. It gets you in the mood of studying.  

These things might help us in our everyday lives  

Dave Asprey has a lot of things to say about brain and memory hacks. He is the creator of the Bulletproof Diet and Bulletproof Coffee. He released a book in 2017 about our diet and lifestyle. His solutions include meditation, breathing exercises, dietary change, and supplements like CoQ10 and Vitamin B12. He also recommends staying in the natural light for a while.   

Another author that has many things to say about the brain is Meik Wiking. He said that you need to leave your comfort zone on vacation, because people remember emotions, and when they do something that scares them for a bit, it gets the adrenalin pumping.  





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