A Woman Sues NASA to Obtain the Right to Keep her Moon Dust


Acting proactively, a woman from Tennessee has decided to sue NASA in order for them to recognize her ownership of a small vial containing moon dust. According to her, she received it from Neil Armstrong more than 40 years ago. We do not know yet how NASA will react. Moreover, the authenticity of the woman’s moon dust is questioned and all tests made so far are not conclusive.

A gift from the first man on the moon

As Laura Cicco recalls, Neil Armstrong, who was a friend of her father, gave her an autograph and a vial of gray powder. When asked about it, her parents explained to her that the small container is full of moon dust.

The woman forgot about the item until five years ago when she rediscovered it in an old chest in the attic. Knowing that this vial could contain something so priceless, she decided that this potential moon dust has to be tested.

Although the autograph’s authenticity was proved, the dust sample could not be confirmed as originating from either moon or Earth. It is speculated that it might be a dust that was collected from a space suit.

NASA sued while experts claim that the moon dust is not real

Since NASA claims that all lunar material belongs to the government, Cicco decided to file a pre-emptive lawsuit against the space agency, demanding her recognition as the rightful owner.

For now, NASA does not want to comment on this case. However, some experts do not believe that the moon dust in Cicco’s possession is real. According to them, there is not enough evidence suggesting that it really is a dust sample originating from the moon. Moreover, it is known that Neil Armstrong did not give any lunar material to anyone, not even to his closest family members.

Regardless of the dust’s origin, it will be interesting to see what decision a federal court would make in this case.

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