A Study Reveals that Canadians are Almost the Most Susceptible to Cancer


Even though Canadians do not benefit from longer summers, they are still at high risks of developing skin cancer. Canada is 19th on a list of 62 based on a report which calculates the susceptibility to skin cancer. The countries were graded based on demographics, average skin tone, and y UV light. The study also discovered new skin cancer diagnoses.

Derma.plus is a German organization which produced the study and also provides dermatological advice.

Some of their advice include seeking shade between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., wearing protective clothing and generously applying sunblock.

Socioeconomic factors

The study also calculated how countries treated skin cancer and ranked them on a Socioeconomic Treatment Index. It crosses referenced skin cancer death rates against national health spending an average income.

Canada got the 22nd place while Switzerland, Italy, and Sweden got the third.

Even though Australia is one of the most susceptibles of skin cancer, they have the lowest death rates for this cause while Canada has a 21 percent mortality rate for skin cancer being the main reason.

The reason

The reason why Canadians are the most susceptible to skin cancer is t, taking into consideration their short summers, they are not used to the UV light of the sun. Because of that, many of them do not really pay attention when it comes to applying high SPF sun blocker or just not staying too much in the sun.

Fortunately, this type of cancer is the most preventable so you can take care of yourself before it is too late. The director of cancer control policy for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), Gillian Bromfield advises us “Protecting yourself can easily become part of your daily routine, so that’s the good news.”


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