A Salmonella Outbreak is Happening Again – What Should you Avoid?


What about turkey? Get rid of it if you have any.

For example, if you get as a gift on Valentine’s Day a box of raw turkey, you should either cool it really well or throw it away. One other very important thing to do is to wash your hands and in case the turkey has touched anything, wash that too. And in the end, you should have a heart to heart talk with the person that gave that to you and propose them to replace raw meet with chocolates or flowers.

Handling raw turkey is not recommended during this time as beginning with November 2017, the source of a multi-drug resistant Salmonella outbreak that has been going on was raw turkey products.

Is it that dangerous? It sure is

Since then, if you are the SalmonellaReading bacteria, it means that things have been pretty good.

The reason why we are saying that is that raw turkey truly helped you if you are a gram-negative, rod-shaped, facultatively anaerobic bacteria and your brothers and sisters did not stop from spreading. 279 people from 41 different states had been infected by Salmonella during the outbreak according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one being killed by it and 107 ending up in the hospital.

The consequences?

In 2018, last year, more Salmonella outbreaks had significantly been reported since 14 years ago in 2005. The salmonella infection is not something easy to get rid of or something that is not severe. You should be aware that this infection can even lead to death if you are not careful. And aside from that, one symptom of this infection is diarrhea and you surely do not have enough time to spend your whole day in the restroom.


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