A Recent Study Shows that Coffee Could help you Live Longer


We’ve all heard before that drinking coffee has some benefits for our health and numerous studies have been conducted over the years in order to prove this. A new study that analyzed half a million people in the UK shows that enjoying this magic potion called coffee is actually linked to living longer.

The research was published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine and examined 500,000 people, from which 387,494 were coffee drinkers. The study seems to reveal the fact that people who drink a lot of coffee have a lower risk of death compared to those who don’t drink it at all. This applies even to those who drink eight cups per day or those whose bodies process caffeine slower than normal.

What does the new study reveal

The group of half a million people that was used for this in-depth research was followed for over three decades and had an average age of 57. Also, 54% of the individuals were females. The results of the study show that coffee consumers had a lower risk of dying, which is something that we actually knew about from previous studies. So the new data just seems to reinforce what we knew so far about the habit that seems to offer so many health benefits to people.

All types of coffee are good

One interesting finding was that it did not matter which type of coffee people had consumed, as decaf or regular seem to have had the same impact on their health. Ground or instant coffee were also beneficial, even though the instant version might not have such a strong connection to a lower risk of death. Not only that, but even people who have a harder time metabolizing caffeine seem to benefit from drinking coffee, as they also have better chances for a longer life.

Based on the results of the study, individuals who consumed between two to five cups of coffee per day had a 12% lower chance of dying than those who did not drink coffee over a 10-year timeframe. Furthermore, people who drank six or seven cups in a day were 16% less likely to die, and those who consumed eight or more cups had a 14% lower risk of death. To conclude, it looks like coffee is beneficial for most of the people, so there’s no need to worry in case you poured yourself more than a cup of coffee today.

Did you know that coffee can also help you lose weight?

The caffeine contained in coffee acts as a stimulant to the nervous system that makes the fat cells break down fat for fuel. It also increases your metabolism which helps to speed up your fat burning process. Nowadays, people start adding MCT oil and butter to their black coffee, which is known as ketogenic coffee, to increase the fat burning rate. Coffee suppresses your appetite and reduces hunger which is an excellent tool for weight loss.


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