A New Asteroid has Finally Entered Our Solar System


Our first interstellar visitor has arrived from a 2-star solar system, that is what scientists say. What do we know so far about it? Well, for starters the asteroid was named Oumuamua by the ones that discovered it. It is around 400 meters long and it looks like a cigar, having an elongated shape. Scientists estimate that it is almost 10 times as long as it is wide. This creates a very weird shape overall.

More details about this asteroid

Alan Jackson from The University of Toronto came up with more information about Oumuamua. He said that this cigar like object probably came from a binary system. What is a binary system? Well, a binary system where two major stars orbit the same center.

This object entered our solar system, scientists speculate, as it was ejected from the system where it originated from when more planets started to form.

When was this asteroid discovered?

This a relatively new discovery for scientists. The name for this asteroid is the Hawaiian name for messenger, a fitting name for the asteroid’s origin and its purpose. This rock was measured and it came out to be at around 1,300 feet wide. In meters this asteroid is around 400 meters. Its speed is at around 26 kilometers per second. Convert this number into miles and Oumuamua would travel at around 16 miles per second.

Just last month a team of scientists reported that this asteroid is not really traveling through space as much as it actually tumbling through it at a high speed. This tumbling could be the result of it colliding with another object when it was kicked out of its original solar system, ending up in ours.

Binary solar systems also have other objects apart from asteroids, such as icy comets. More research needs to be done on this subject.


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