A Lot of Kids Die Because of Opioids Every Year


There is no doubt that opioids are controversial treatments. A lot of people see them as efficient cures for different types of medical issued and heavy drug addictions, but opioids can cause a lot of damage or even kill. Most of their victims are children and teenagers.

The majority of youngsters die because of an accidental overdose. Some of them use these drugs to commit suicide, but there have also been reports of homicide by using opioids. The figures are impressive; during 1999 – 2016 almost 9,000 children and teenagers were the victims of opioid poisoning.

The information was made public through a report published this Friday. The authors are a team of researchers from Yale University. The specialists added that young people over 18 are the most exposed to the opioid threat. Also, this category registered the highest death rate in the mentioned period.

The phenomenon will continue unless the authorities take urgent measures

The team from Yale also reveals some shocking news. The opioid epidemic will continue unless the society joins efforts for stopping it. In their opinion, legislation should be harsher, so that opioid would stop being accessible to anyone.

Also, public health officials and doctors should be more careful when they prescribe opioids and to whom. Of course, parents have to be involved in the prevention campaign as well. They should take care of their children and keep the drugs away from the reach of young people.

The threat is real, so it shouldn’t be ignored. Although opioids are legally prescribed to treat some medical conditions or addictions, some people use it without having the right. Because of them, the drugs can get into the hands of children and teenagers and cause actual tragedies. Specialists advise people not to use opioids unless they need them and keep their eyes on their children.


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