The 911 Calls Transcripts Of The Injured Apple Employees Have Emerged Online


More than a week ago, a lot of people laughed at Apple’s employees who were bumping into the glass doors and windows in the new Apple Park campus that packs more than 3,000 giant glass panels. Unfortunately, some of the injuries were really severe. However, just recently, the 911 calls transcripts of the injured Apple employees have emerged online.

Local authorities have warned Apple about the possible side effects of the Apples’ construction

Apple had been warned by local authorities for work safety that this interior design would have negative consequences for employees’ health, but Apple did not resonate with the warnings

Even when the first injury occurred, the Apple’s officials didn’t do anything.

After the Apple Park opened, some employees stuck post-its on glass walls and doors to signal that there was something out there. However, Apple removed them arguing that they are spoiling the design of the building.

Authorities responsible for checking safety at work argue that the inspection of buildings for the risk of accidents involving the hitting of glass doors and walls is not foreseen in the legislation, so Apple can not be held responsible, legally.

The 911 calls transcripts of the injured Apple employees have emerged online

Some of the employees working at the new Apple Park have suffered serious injuries and called 911 requesting medical care.

The first case occurred on January 2nd when an Apple employee smashed into a glass door and severely cut his head. A security officer called 911 to request paramedics. According to him, the employee was bleeding from his had and was knocked out by the injury.

The second event happened later that very same day when another male Apple employee hit a glass panel and hit the floor unconscious. The security officer who made the call was not positive that the victim was breathing.

The third accident occurred on January, 4th. The last one of the 911 calls transcripts of the injured Apple employees shows that the victim himself made the call and he was conscious and even somehow amused by the silliness of the accident.


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