80% Rise of Cancer Cases in Elderly People Expected by 2035


Every year in the UK, about 360,000 people are diagnosed with cancer, out of which about 130,000 or 36% are 75 years old or older. According to a recent report by Cancer Research UK, by 2035, the number of people aged 75 or over diagnosed with cancer will increase to 234,000 or 46% of all cases.

Aging population

The main factor behind such a dramatic rise of cancer cases in elderly is the aging population of the UK. As we get older, the cells in our body are more prone to damages and mutations, therefore the risk of cancer increases. The charity says that even though the survival rates are twice as high as they were 40 years ago, they haven’t raised significantly when it comes to elderly.

Problems that elderly cancer patients have to face

Cancer Research UK reported that one of the reasons of higher mortality rate amongst elderly cancer patients is the lower standard of care they receive during a treatment. According to the charity, older people are less likely to get all the necessary treatment, such as surgery or chemotherapy. The next obstacle for elderly is that they are not always provided with the support they require, as they have more complex medical and social needs. In the future it could be even harder for them, as the workforce shortages will likely put pressure on the NHS to favor younger patients.

The reaction of the government

In order to change the situation of elderly cancer patients for the better, earlier this week the government announced an increase of the health system funding by £20.5bn per year until 2023. A 10-years long plan will also be introduced, charging the NHS with the task of improving the treatment of cancer patients. According to Cancer Research UK, the health service has to start making preparations for an increased number of elderly patients with cancer.

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