4 Future Technological Developments to Look Forward To


Over the last several decades, we’ve seen tech innovations accelerate at a rapid, unprecedented pace. But will these tech innovations continue to be produced at this speed? The answer: They’re likely to happen at an even faster rate. We’re just in the beginning stages of the digital age, and still have a long way to go — with many incredible advancements being made each day, and many more to come.

In a previous post, we discussed the five greatest technological advances of the 21st century so far, which included 3D printing, mobile payment, GPS technology, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. Now, we’re going to focus on the future technological developments that we have to look forward to over the next several decades. Here are 4 innovations in tech that we can expect in the near future:

Virtual Reality

We’re already starting to see hints of where VR is heading, and over the next few decades, it’s going to become more mainstream. Tech like PokerStars VR is paving the way for immersive and social VR experiences that transport the user to a new, exciting “world” — without having to worry about travel expenses, business hours, or even getting dressed. This same concept can be used for virtual job interviews, office spaces, travel, events, and more.

VR could also aid us during uncomfortable experiences — such as a long flight, recovering from a traumatic injury, or a root canal — by allowing us to be “transported” to a world that distracts and comforts us. But it could also be a great teaching tool for students of all ages, by allowing us to experience historical events or life in other countries. But all of these possibilities are only the beginning; VR is on track to take over many more areas and industries.

Self-Driving Cars

Numerous companies, such as General Motors and Tesla, have been testing self-driving cars on and off the road for years now, and the predicted date of their arrival has been pushed back due to all of their current issues and flaws. But when will these cars finally enter the mainstream? While certain tech experts expect self-driving cars to become released over the next decade (with some estimates as early as 2020), they will likely become more mainstream over the next several decades (especially with the current delays). You can also expect to see self-driving trucks, vans, and delivery vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Photo by Alex Knight / The Unsplash Licence

Although many people are worried that artificial intelligence is going to eliminate a large number of jobs worldwide over the next few decades, this is only partially true. Some experts predict that, while AI will eliminate roughly 1.8 million jobs, it will in turn create more than 2 million jobs.

As for the future of robotics, we’ve also gotten a taste of where that’s heading. In 2015, a robot named Pepper sold out within a minute in Japan. In the coming future, we’ll see this technology further improve because of advancements in AI, to the point where we might have completely autonomous robots in the mainstream, sci-fi style.


Drones are going far beyond casual backyard usage or surveillance. The drones of the future will be powered with artificial intelligence, allowing them to work independently of human controllers. But over the next decade or so, we’ll also see drones becoming even more popular for package delivery and emergency response. They’ll also be more widely used to survey dangerous areas, collect data, and then analyze that data immediately.

The above tech is only the tip of the iceberg. If you think of how much has changed over the last few decades due to tech innovations, think how much faster the world will change over the next several decades. There will certainly be a lot to look forward to!


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