3 Radio Bursts have Happened – What is The Cause?


Astronomers are baffled by the three Fast Radio bursts, also named FRB, which have happened this month. They are impossible to track down. While 3 may seem like a small number to us, for astronomers this is an incredible occurrence since these FRBs are far and spaced out in between. Having more than one happen in such a short time frame is quite uncanny.

Radio bursts – what are they like

For those people out there that do not know many things about radio bursts, we are here to explain it to you. Generally speaking, they are powerful and do not last for a long amount of time. Astronomers have been able to record just 33 of these Fast Radio Bursts so far.

Where do FRBs come from?

At one point, a couple of months ago, a couple of astronomers said that they found out the exact location from where this signal came from and it was supposedly on a young neutron star named FRB 121102. A neutron star is one the most dense objects in the entire Universe. With the help of Hubble and the Subaru telescope, scientists from Japan were able to uncover this star.

However, this is not the case for all FRBs. These three new signals that were recorded this March, on the 1st, the 9th and the 11th are very unlikely to be repeated and if they will, the signal would not be able to reach our planet.

What could change in the future

A new telescope project may change how we look at these FRBs in the future. The project is named the Square Kilometer Array and it is going to be an open network based in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia that will be able to capture more of these FRBs in the future.

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