100 Children Dead from Ebola – the Second Largest Ebola Outbreak


This is the second largest Ebola outbreak that happened throughout history, and it has claimed the lives of 100 children. At least 97 of them, which were younger than five years old, died of Ebola. It all happens in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The outbreak was first declared on the 1st of August, according to some sources.

They must take some urgent steps if they want to contain the virus, because the outbreak might last for at least another six months, if not even the entire year.

About 811 people have symptoms of hemorrhagic fever in North Kivu and Ituri. From these, about 750 are positive for Ebola, and this thing causes the fever to be a fatal one.

How many deaths are there so far?

This outbreak is growing, and it has a rate of almost 63%. In total, there have been 510 deaths so far, from which 449 died of confirmed cases of Ebola. They’re not so sure about the others, they have called them “probable cases”.

The new cases dashed back in January, and they lasted from 20 to 40 weeks. This lead to an expressed concern about misinformation and mistrust in the local community. They don’t trust their doctors anymore.

It’s crucial that they convince the communities from there that Ebola is a very real concern. People don’t believe that the deceased ones died of Ebola. Aid workers are believed to spread the virus. They had to reach the young vocal voices of the community and the leaders of the community to make people understand the grave situation. Their aim is to stop Ebola from spreading further – it’s just as important as treating the disease.


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