TransMountain Expansion Project: Albertans refuse to stay in BC


Owners of a bed and breakfast in Kelowna, BC, say they have already received a cancellation of an Albertan and a threat of cancellation of another because of the conflict over the proposed pipeline expansion TransMountain that divides British Columbia and Alberta.

Kelly Sucloy and his wife, who run the A Touch of English B&B , say the political dispute is now having an economic impact for their business.

We received a call from a [Alberta] customer who told us that he was canceling his reservation because of the [conflict over] the pipeline. It’s worrying.

Kelly Sucloy, owner, A Touch of English B & B

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It was the British Columbia government that first announced that it was considering restrictions on the bitumen it carries on its territory.

Alberta then followed with the announcement of the boycott of British Columbia wine .

The owners of the guest house are concerned that other Alberta customers are shunning British Columbia because of the stand-off between the two provinces.

Albertans usually come to the Okanagan Wine Festival, stay at our gite and buy wine before returning.

Kelly Sucloy, owner, A touch of English B&B

Kelowna Tourism reports that it was reported that some Alberta clients had canceled their stays, but noted that they represent only a few isolated cases.


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