Tiny House Made With 3D Printer In Just 24 Hours

The first demonstration of the 3D printing technology is a cozy, 400-square-foot (37 square meters) home with an unusual, curved shape. Credit: Apis Cor

A Californian company specialized in 3D printing has just completed a small house of 40 m² in 24 hours for a construction cost less than $10,000. Is the performance achieved in Russia duplicable?

Californin, Apis Cor, has successfully developed a low cost construction technique. The result is neither large (38 m² living space) nor frankly beautiful but it has two big advantages: it was built for for $10,000 (USD) and would be expected to last. According to its designers, the announced life of the housing is 50 years.

Among the real drawbacks, we note that the performance was realized on Russian soil where the start-up is currently building sites. Not sure that these production costs can be kept at home. Furthermore, if the rounded shape of the house makes it easier to work with the 3D printer, it is not certain that it will provide the easiest housing for a small surface or furnish. In any case, Apis Cor details the process completed on its website.

Most expensive parks: windows and door

Using what looks like a small crane that feeds automatically into special concrete, the company has built the walls of this small 38 square meter bungalow in the suburbs of Moscow . The whole was laid on a printed framework also acting as foundations (budget of construction of the foundations 277 dollars). At the end of the printing of the walls, it was enough to remove the printer to cover and to isolate the walls. The construction budget also includes exterior painting. Finally, the first budget item (by far) concerns doors and windows that cost $ 3,548 (against $ 1624 for walls and $ 2434 for floor and ceiling.

According to the founders of Apis Cor, who in all modesty believe “building the future today”, their technique saves 70% compared to traditional methods. While taking care to specify that the total budget could climb substantially according to the wishes of the owners and wishes of housing equipment. They now position themselves as a reality to be taken into account in the construction market. It remains to be seen if customers will follow.


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