Construction of a Mill Creek Gully House: Citizens’ Appeal Rejected


The call of dozens of Edmonton residents who oppose the construction of a large home in the Mill Creek ravine was rejected. The City’s Development Appeal Council and subdivisions appealed in favor of the landlord.

In December, the City approved Robert Weinrich’s request to build a 400-square-meter (4300-square-foot) house in the Mill Creek Gully at 9213-97th Street.

This decision was appealed by citizens who do not want such a big house in the ravine, in the middle of nature.

Maureen Duguay, the president of Strathcona’s community league, is disappointed with the City’s decision, especially after the citizens rallied to show their disagreement.

“The question was not just to show our emotions and to say we like green spaces and want to protect them,” says Maureen Dugay. She added that citizens have made strong arguments.

Testimonials included those with knowledge in geology, ecology and the environment, who explained that the construction would increase the risk of flooding and slow down the redevelopment of the Mill Creek ravine.

Maureen Duguay deplores the decision of the City.

“It would be nice if we could all work together to protect green spaces … instead of having to ask the City to do this,” she says. It’s something that should be done, that’s all. ”

The appeal was rejected on Friday, and the written decision will be issued within the next two weeks.

On Monday, Robert Weinrich told CBC News that he would not comment before consulting his lawyer.


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