Your Morning Coffee Makes A Difference For Alzheimer At Rocket Bakery


Your morning coffee will count for a person living with Alzheimer in the province. Sounds incredible, but Rocket Bakery on Water Street actually gives this possibility to customers. Your money spent on a drip coffee will be sent directly to the Alzheimer Society of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Coffee will be served by special guests, as Perry Chafe, Paul Doyle, Ennis Sisters, and Mount Pearl-Southlands MHA Paul Lane.

Today, 21 Septemeber is the day when we need to remember once again that Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t pick out it victims; it can be you, your friends, grandparents or parents. The World Alzheimer’s Day initiates campaigns to raise awareness toward dementia and others mental disorders.

Changes In The Brain

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that causes irreversible impairment to the brain, affecting lately the capacity to perform simple tasks. It usually appears after 60 years old, but it doesn’t come necessarily with the age. Dementia covers many diseases, not only Alzheimer, but for some of them was already found a cure. The high costs of treatments are estimated at $10.4 billion.

Statistics point out that in 2031 the patients’ number will be increased with 66 percent, while in present Canada has already 564,000 people affected by dementia.

There are more than 260 events like this scheduled for September and October. This is our kickoff. We are trying to raise awareness of the disease. People don’t realize that 8,666 people in this province suffer from Alzheimer disease or dementia right now.

Jessica Flynn, the events planner for Alzheimer Society NL, said that every single hour Canada records nine diagnoses of Alzheimer. Also, she added that the number will grow in the next years as the population is getting older.

The event is not singular, as it takes place every year, for 23 years nationwide. The Coffee Break events raised $1 million annually that was directed to people in need and caregivers. Hundreds of volunteers stay behind every patient affected by dementia, with the main wish to provide a better life. The money also put a base for new research to find a cure sooner.

The Alzheimer Society, open since 1978, is a supporting pillar for Canadians with Alzheimer and the leading not-for-profit health organization nationwide.

Find below the contact information for The Alzheimer Society.

Email: [email protected]
Provincial Office:
835 Topsail Road, Unit 107-108
Mount Pearl, NL A1N 3J6
Phone: 709-576-0608
Fax: 709-576-0798
Toll-Free: 1-877-776-0608


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