What’s The Link Between Diet Cola And Colon Cancer?


Did you ever ask yourself what the connection between artificial sweeteners and cancer is? But between Diet Cola and cancer? Are they harmful and should be avoided as much as possible? The answer may shock you.

Artificial sweeteners are non-caloric substitutes for deserts, juices and sometimes junk food. Because their sweet taste is more intense than sugar and much more attractive than whole fruits, it raises suspicion.

Sweet cravings

Sugar is directly associated with dopamine, a hormone that is released when we taste something that we like. Being on a diet is much more of a pain if we are not allowed to eat a sweet treat from time to time. Artificial sweeteners become the middle ground. But the public started to wonder if this is a real solution. More still avoid them thinking they are linked to cancer or other health issues.  Studies that provided evidence on this topic showed, however, that those sweeteners are harmful …to rats. And there is not a clue to support this accusation for human beings.

Diet Cola beneficial to Colon Cancer

But what about Cola that contains no real sugar? The last researches pointed out at artificially sweetened beverages and…they help you stay away not only from extra kilograms but also from Colon Cancer. Drinking Diet Cola is, in reality, a wiser choice than any other juices that are not sugar-free.

“Artificially sweetened drinks have a checkered reputation in the public because of purported health risks that have never really been documented […] Our study clearly shows they help avoid cancer recurrence and death in patients who have been treated for advanced colon cancer, and that is an exciting finding.”

The study took place on 1,018 individuals that consumed one or more beverages that contained 12-ounces of artificially sweetener. At the end of the experiment, the patients had a lower risk of cancer recurrence with 46%.







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