What Common Food Causes Hypertension And Why Should You Avoid It


High blood pressure is a disease that affects a lot of people worldwide. The problem is that the symptoms for blood pressure are very hard to recognize in due time. If it is left untreated, it could lead to bigger problems, such as heart attacks.

One out of four adults has high blood pressure in the UK.

What are the causes?

The biggest culprit in this case is one that people would not think of at first: food. Our diet choices greatly impact our bodies. Most people know by now that foods that have a lot of salt are bad for blood pressure. How can we know for certain which foods are too salty for our bodies if they do not taste like that? And what are the foods with the highest levels of salt that people consume on a regular basis?

For starters, an adult is supposed to eat only 6g of salt a day but that number skyrockets in various foods that you buy in the supermarket.

Is frozen pizza that good for you?

Nutritionists have analyzed the ingredient content of most frozen pizzas on the market and they said that after pizza is frozen, the manufacturers add a lot of salt in order to keep the flavor fresh, salt that we later on ingest. All pizzas have huge salt levels but frozen pizza has the biggest levels of salt overall.

Coriander – the help needed in fighting hypertension

Nutritionists have found out that coriander is a spice that has been shown to lower blood pressure levels.  It has a diuretic effect and it also helps modulate gut activity. Nutritionists highly encourage people that suffer from high levels of blood pressure to incorporate this spice into their daily diet in order to fight this problem and help fix it sooner.

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