What are Zika Disease Effects On Infats?


The statistics revealed lately another face of the feared disease. The main spots to dug for Zika reports were Puerto Rico and other infected areas (the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, etc.) 2 years ago. The research covered 1,450 infants that took Zika in their mothers’ wombs.

It is known that Zika is transmitted through mosquitoes bite. Pregnant women must stay away from places where the disease was announced.  Blood transfusions are also avoided from an infected host. Meanwhile, the health authorities advised couples to use protection if they tested positive or had symptoms, or if the man followed a treatment six months ago.

Brain Injury

Microcephaly is a congenital disease where the brain and head of the infant are not appropriately developed for their first stage of life. The baby comes into the world with a premature head structure. The defect can show up later (postnatal microcephaly) where the babies experience an interrupted development of the head and brain.

Vision Issues

Eye problems can be another effect for new-born babies infected with Zika. Actually, the main damages take place on the segment of the brain responsible for good vision. These problems are not necessarily linked with the first one. Even if the baby appears to be completely healthy, parents are highly advised to check for Zika regularly through screening tests and blood analysis.

Further Complications

Also, the Brazilian study highlights other symptoms and signs of congenital Zika children. Their health problems extended with hearing issues, seizures, sleeping and feeding problems but this is not everything. It seems they can’t follow a moving object beneath their eyes or sit without external help. Infected babies will display extra needs while growing and continue treatments for a full recovery.

The good news is that Zika doesn’t hit in all cases, but instead increase the health risks associated with it. Those lacking the normal head size or having a troubled vision represented only 6 % of the children born with Zika (1/7 babies born from an afflicted pregnancy with Zika display all these). The others suffered only from joint pains, fever, and rash.


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