We Still Have a Long Way to Go to Use Only Clean Energy Systems


It is a welcome sight to see all the forms of renewable energy that are being discovered and implemented in the world as a way to combat the pollution caused by using non-renewable energy for such a long time. However, this process is very drawn out and it looks like it is going to take humanity almost 400 years until it is going to be using only renewable forms of energy to power all forms of technology.

New research was done on renewable energy

Ken Caldeira along with his colleagues published their paper in 2003 stating the fact that humanity needs to use only clean energy by 2050 but recent estimates state that the process is going to take 363 years at its current pace. He and his team stated that they on average we need to add 1,100 megawatts of renewable energy but we are only adding about 151 megawatts a day.

Where is the problem

It is very difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of all these problems in implementing clean energy but we can narrow the reasons down to how expensive these technologies are, the fact that government have a hard time trying to implement these energy solutions.

A survey showed that people do not believe the disastrous effects of climate change. So far, they are unable to pay more on their bills if that meant they could stop this process. At the moment they do not want to pay more than $5 but 15 years ago they were willing to pay $10.

On the Brightside, governments all over the world have started to pay attention. They are starting to introduce taxes for carbon dioxide pollution or for fossil fuels. Albeit a small effort, this could be the necessary step in working towards implementing more forms of clean energy in a short span of time.

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