Walmart Closed After Legionnaires’ Disease Strikes Again


Walmart closed its doors after legionella bacteria was found in the store’s cooling towers. The shop is located the Guildford Town Centre mall in Surrey.

Legionnaires’ disease made other seven victims in only 14 days but it was not proved whether the source was Walmart’s water or other exposure places. Dr. Aamir Bharmal, Fraser Health medical officer, searches for the other sites of bacteria in the Guilford neighborhood.

Interviews amongst patients will push to surface the name of the contaminated places, but until then researchers are taking samples to get closer to an answer.

The Walmart Canada’s director of corporate affairs, Anika Malik, stated that she was informed about the issue by the health authorities and she closed the hypermarket without outside pressures. Walmart also completed the whole process of “deep-cleaning” the store, as closing the blamed cooling towers and taking samples. The Walmart clients could inhale the contaminated water droplets.

They are going ahead and cleaning out these sources right away. We would still want them to resample and make sure that there’s no Legionella.

Surprisingly, the Guildford Town Centre is still open. But how many visitors will come again?

Ivanhoe Cambridge, the Canadian real estate company and owner of Guildford Town Centre announced that the mall presents no danger of Legionnaire’s disease because it is a separate building and doesn’t share the same cooling systems with Walmart.

How To Spot A Person With Legionnaires’ Disease?

As you know, the disease is a form of pneumonia but unlike, it can’t be transmitted by person-to-person contact. The most susceptible are the person with affected lungs, as smokers, or a weak immune system.

The favorite habitats of bacteria are hot tubs, plumbing systems, buildings water systems, cooling towers, and decorative fountains.

The symptoms are at the beginning very similar to flu but in the end, they turn horribly in mental changes, chest pains, blood coughing and shortness of breath. The persons that suffer from it experience big fever ( 104 F, 40 C or higher) and can have gastrointestinal manifestations, as vomiting and nausea.



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