Volunteers With Severe Scrotum or Testicular Pain Sought for Lasting Relief


Men that suffer chronic scrotal or testicular pain can now get involved in research that offers an upgraded alternative to the old pain relief options.

More than 5 percent of men live with the debilitating testicle and scrotum pain that can affect walking and everyday life.

In the last half of the year, more than 100 men came with insupportable pain to Dr. Ryan Flannigan, a Vancouver General Hospital urologist, the director of male infertility and sexual medicine research program. Some patients traveled a long distance to put an end to pain, coming as far as Northwest Territories. Men are less reticent than women when it comes to medical attention and more willing to try new medicines.

Flannigan affirms that the subjects complained of constant testicular pain or episodes of intense pain.

Who Can Suffer Testicular Pain?

There is a broad category of sufferers, but the incidence of symptoms is mostly at young men, in their 20s and 30s.

It’s like a visit to the dentist when the freezing goes in.

The conventional treatment consisted of local numbing by injecting lidocaine into the spermatic cord, but the treatment drawback is the narrow effect – only 4 hours – which necessitated multiple doses of anesthesia per day. The new research comes with an innovative formula injected into the tissue that added polymer paste for more extended relief, for up to seven days.

How Were the Previous Treatments?

Before the injections with lidocaine, patients were running for physiotherapy, steroids, anti-inflammatories, and even surgeries for nerve-cutting, to cease pain transmission.

The treatment is considered safe after being tested on animals at UBC. Now the new trial seeks to determine whether the procedure is as useful for humans.

Flannigan said that the pain develops mostly on unknown grounds. Other reasons may be a hit in the testicle area, nerves pinched during hernia, enlarged scrotum veins, previous infection, and the list goes on.

To sign up for the experiment at the Vancouver Prostate Centre call 604-875-5675. The volunteers can reside around B.C. and even outside the province.


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