Vaping Could Trigger Seizures, According To Recent Research By The FDA


A few months ago, the public was warned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that vaping could lead to seizures, and since then 118 more reports on the same matter occurred as e-cigarette users were suffering seizures.

Unclear information

In 9 years, starting in 2010 and ending in 2019, 127 people suffered from seizures due to using a vape, according to the agency. However, the FDA said that the number of rate of such incidents did not rise because of additional cases. In addition to that, the agency mentioned that these cases of seizures that happened among e-cigarette users could not be occurring because of any specific product or brand.

Is this true?

However, the FDA said it’s concerned about the possibility of a link between e-cigarette use and seizures or other similar medical conditions and is asking e-cigarette users, medical professionals, and others to provide as much information as possible when reporting health or safety problems stemming from tobacco products.

More data needed on seizures due to vaping

Even though the evidence is not clear, the FDA is concerned that the rising number of seizure episodes might be linked to e-cigarette use, so people are advised not to use them anymore. In addition to that, the information will be provided by medical professionals to users of such tobacco products. This can even be easier through the FDA’s online Safety Reporting Portal. The agency adviced that health care providers should include e-cigarette use questions in their conversations with patients who have suffered neurological events, including seizures.

The FDA must receive as much information as possible when such a problem is reported so the agency could identify causes, trends, and patterns. The name of the person, the brand, and the manufacturer should be included as well as the model and the serial number of the e-cigarette or e-liquid.


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