Self-Test HIV Kits: Is This Really Happening by 2020?


Researchers are going to launch a study next week. It is going to be about a device which can allow people to test themselves for HIV. The trial will begin in Toronto on Wednesday before they will expand it to other cities. 

A scientist with St. Michael’s Hospital said that the goal is to make the federal health officials to approve the first-ever HIV self-testing kit in Canada. There is also Doctor Sean Rourke who noted that he clinical trial would begin in Toronto on Wednesday before expanding to Montreal, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Victoria. This will happen in the following weeks.  

A neuropsychologist said that 1000 people would take part in the test: they will take the finger-prick blood test at sexual health clinics. 

Rourke said that the data would be collected. They would do it based on the ability of the participants to use the device and then interpret the results. He wants the findings of the study to make Health Canada approve the HIV self-test for use starting with 2020. 

They want the kit to be something common in pharmacies

This is precisely what the study is about. Health Canada needs to approve the Canadian test to be licensed for further use. The director of the Hassle Free Clinic from Toronto said that she hopes the HIV self-test will be accepted and will be something familiar in pharmacies.  

Len Tooley from Vancouver’s Community Based Research Centre said that this technology could reduce the barriers that people need to face when they get tested. The test could remove these barriers to critical info about someone’s health. It can also give them the opportunity to decide what will happen next, and when will it happen.  

An insider from Health Canada said that the department had not received any kind of license application for the at-home HIV test kits, even though they reached the industry members in order to provide the regulatory guidance. 




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