Research States CBD Absorbs Better With Fatty Meals


Last year the US Food and Drug Administration agreed on oral capsules of cannabidiol as a recommended medicine for seizures. But the researches were not up to date regarding how cannabidiol interacts with certain foods. And here are the much-waited answers.

Cannabidiol is found in medical marijuana and is one of the active components of cannabis. Although, the medical one is extracted from hemp, and not cannabis, it has similar effects.

The distinction between the CBD and other active ingredients, like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is that it does not ‘give the high,’ keeping the users away from unwanted addictions. Used in a pure state, it doesn’t raise any concern, making it an effective yet safe solution.

CBD was legalized across the US, but it is still tested to determine additional uses in the medical departments. Until now, it has been acknowledged that it can treat treatment-resistant epilepsy in children.

Recent researched approached the link between CBD absorption and foods rich in fats, states specialists from the University of Minnesota. The process is called drug pharmacokinetics.

The Outlined Results

For the trial, the researcher used CBD oral capsules with 99% purity. The patients were dealing with intractable seizure, and the numerous seizures could not be eased with treatment, putting the lives of patients in danger.

Firstly, the pills were administrated before meals, on an empty stomach to see reactions. To compare, the specialists asked the participants to consume fat foods, with an average of 840-860 calories per meal. The follow-up session lasted for 72 hours, with the help of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry methods.

The unexpected results displayed that the control group had better rates of absorptions eating high-fat foods. It has also been concluded that CBD in capsule form is much more effective than the liquid one.

[It] would mean a reduction in the number of capsules required for each dose. On the other hand, it also means that the same dose of oral CBD in capsule form could expose different patients to quite different amounts of the drug depending on the type of food ingested at the same time.

Being aware of this fact, doctors are able to keep a constant level of CBD absorption in the blood, which is essential for seizures control. The dose can also be safely decreased while keeping the effects up and cutting the costs.


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