Poop-eating Slugs Are Infecting Hawaiians with Brain Parasites


These days has been reported an invasion of poop-eating slugs, a mixed-species mollusks, that can spread a horrifying neurological disease.

The condition called rat lung-worm is caused by parasitic nematodes from animal feces.

What Are The Signs of Disease?

The signs of contamination are stiffness of the neck, headache, a ‘funny’ feeling in the skin or extremities – which can be tingling, pain – nausea, and fever.

The symptoms can be delayed, as it proves the case of a New York teen. He came home in January after spending a holiday with his family in Hawaii. He received the brain-parasites diagnose in mid-March.

The infection ranges from person to person, leading to short-term facial paralysis, a type of meningitis, light sensitivity, etc.

Some of the affected patients presented only mild discomfort or had no symptoms at all.

When It Will Stop?

The government and health authorities are taking quick steps to stop the outbreak before it makes more victims amongst locals and tourists. Hawaii is not the only targeted location. The health concern surrounds the whole state.

Contamination can occur only by ingesting parasite-carrying animal meat that is uncooked or raw.

There is no specific treatment yet identified for this disease, so finding the best ways to prevent its spread and educate the public is crucial – states Wil Okabe, East Hawaii Liaison to the Office of the Governor.

Aloha State’s health officials have been notified of 82 cases in Hawaii in the past ten years, between 2007 and 2017.

People are likely to get brain parasites after consuming contaminated semi-slugs. Others that carry the culprit are infected snails, slugs, rodents, etc. and can make one the host of the parasite, states officials from The Hawaii State Department of Health.

Other carriers of the disease may be the giant African snails, Cuban slugs and marsh slugs.


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