Are People Justified To Fear GMO-Foods?


Genetically modified organisms have begun to be more and more present in our lives, whether we do or do not know about it. Some people consider them good, while others fear them. Are people justified to fear GMO-foods?

Two groups, two different opinions

There are two groups on this one, as in any other situation.

One group says genetic engineering is not harmful, since no chemical compounds are used, and the only procedure is related to the genetic manipulation of several plant species.

On the other hand, there are global organizations that keep protesting against this GMO-food, supporting their arguments on scientific studies and on the effects observed in lab studies.

GMO’s advantages

GMO-foods are those made especially for human or animal consumption, using the latest molecular biology technologies.

Most of them have an altered DNA structure offering extra abilities. Some GMO plants grow bigger and stronger than non-GMO correspondents and are more resistant to pests, and so on.

GMO advantages include:

  • Resistance to pests;
  • Resistance to herbicides;
  • Resistance to cold, illness, drought;
  • Support the pharmaceutical industry;

Are people justified to fear GMO-foods?

In 2016, during the National Science Foundation’s survey that’s held once every 2 years, approximately 45% of the respondents answered that they consider GMO extremely dangerous, while only 18% thought GMO are OK for consumption.

However, there are some aspects about GMO-foods that might induce a state of confusion, if not even fear:

  • A study showed that insects that pollinate a specific GMO corn died within hours;
  • More children in Europe and the United States are developing allergies to hazelnuts and other foods which experts believe are due to GMO;
  • A study showed that mice fed with GMO potatoes suffered intestinal problems due to a substance that affects all mammals;

Even more, there is the glyphosate which is the active substance in pesticides used on GMO plants and, so, it appears in any GMO.

For GMO opponents, this is a never-ending topic. For any study that shows one side effect of GMO, there’s popping up a study showing the GMO are safe.

So, what do you think? Are people justified to fear GMO-foods?

Erin VanDyke lives on her family farm and has more than 35 years of hands-on experience with the use of livestock guard dogs for predator control. On their farm, Jan and her family use corgis as herding dogs and have raised Shetland sheep, Fainting goats, Morgan and Trakehner horses, and historic breeds of chickens and turkeys. Erin is also an active beekeeper.


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