Overcoming Adversity: He Couldn’t Crawl, Now Runs A Marathon


Blake Hurdis could have lost his feet forever, but he didn’t lose his hope. This man that now wants to run a 60 kilometers marathon affirms that a single year of recovery can undertake a healthy life. 

He’s a 37 years old former soldier in the U.S. military that served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) that left him unable to put a single step. The cruel condition obliged him to move around helped by his hands and a running stroller that now is staying in his shed as a bad memory.

He received a bone-marrow transplant at The Ottawa Hospital in 2017. The operation introduces a patient’s stem cells to replace the damaged blood-forming cells and the bone marrow. That ”resets” the immune system of the patient, making the healing process a hardship. Prior the stem-treatment he had to pass a few months of chemotherapy that are an ordeal for most patients.

Initially, it sucked. It doesn’t feel good when you take the drug, but it is really not going to feel good in a month. It took a couple of months for me to get over the chemo.

“It feels like I don’t have MS.”

But 11 months later he said that he felt like being a completely healthy, different man that never passed through a bone-marrow transplant. He is still taking some pills for back pain, but the procedure changed his life forever.

Now he wants to be an inspiration for those that were diagnosed with the same disease and are living harsh times.

He doesn’t think that he is going to be a great competition for other participants, although he is expecting to complete the track in good time.

Hurdis made a Go Fund Me campaign to fulfill his dream: go to the PEI marathon. Until now, $595 have been donated of a $1,500 goal. He wants to give to the Ottawa MS clinic or the MS society everything that will be raised further. For donations, enter gofundme.com/5nhq6rs Hurdis’page.


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