New Study Shows that Depression Modifies the Brain as time goes by


A study done by the Center for Addiction and Mental Health came to the conclusion that people who deal with prolonged periods of depression may have their brain altered by this mental illness.

The Study

The team of researchers that dealt with study was led by Dr. Jeff Meyer, a member of the Center for Addiction and Mental Health. This study was published in The Lancet Psychiatry.

The findings of the study

This study reported that people who had depression for over a decade and did not undergo any form of treatment for it showed more inflammation in their brains compared to those who went with it untreated for a shorter period of time. This finding does not come as a complete surprise as Meyer and his team, in a previous study, found out that there is clear evidence of brain inflammation in the case of clinical depression.

Is depression similar to Alzheimer?

This concerning new finding may imply that different stages of depression need to be treated by different therapists. This is similar to how Alzheimer’s is treated. Alzheimer is seen as a degenerative brain disease and doctors have now understood that it needs different forms of treatment depending on the stage that it is at. Meyer’s study implies that depression may need to be looked at in the same way. However, at the moment depression is not seen as a degenerative brain disorder.

People who were part of the study

For this study the team selected 25 people who dealt with depression for longer than 10 years, 25 people that dealt with depression for less than 10 years and 30 people who didn’t have depression at all.


Meyer and his team of researchers felt it necessary to say that treatment studies need to include people that have dealt with depression for a long time so that more information about this mental illness could be acquired.

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