New Discovery in the Field of Genetics Links to Heart Failure


According to recent reports, It looks like scientists have finally made a breakthrough discovery that shows that heart failure may be a predisposed genetic condition. So, in theory, some people may be more likely to have heart failure at some point in their lives than others, all due to their genes.

What did they find?

This new study has found out that there are 36 types of genes linked to heart failure. This new study could pave the way for new ways or forms of medication being discovered that could help either prevent or fight heart failure conditions better than before.

Who did this study?

The team of scientists that conducted the study came from the Northeastern University in the United States. The lead author of this study is Doctor Alain Karma.

More details about the study

The team found out that the genes that have just been discovered are in charge of causing heart hypertrophy and myocardial thickening, factors which are always present in the case of heart failure. The author of this study said that these new findings are more than important in the field of medicine, since this could be the start of scientists starting to work on developing new forms of medication that would target these genes.

It is clear that the main goal of this particular study was to pave the way for new types of research in the field. The co-author of this study, March Santolini, said that in the future doctors will be able to predict how a heart condition is going to develop with each patient by looking at their genes.

This study was performed by using he hearts of people who died from heart failure and donated their organs. All these people were diagnosed as healthy by doctors but they died from unexpected heart failure.

People hope that this new study would help provide the data needed for further research.

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