Netflix Sued For Seizure Portrayal In “After Party” Comedy


The last Netflix comedy that represents the path of an ambitious hip-hop singer throws a bad light on people living with epilepsy. The main character is nicknamed “Seizure Boy” and everyone in making fun of him. 

The movie plot shows Owen smoking a blunt with Wiz Khalifa and feeling sick just after. The clip with him while vomiting and having a seizure gets viral on the internet and a hot topic of conversation. Embarrassed, he decides to give up on his music career.

What’s The View Of The Medical Community?

The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance states that their sustained efforts are crashed by the newly released movie. The misrepresentation can affect the public image of the people that struggle daily to live a stigma-free life. The president says that the group mission is to inform the public of the different types of seizures and the first aid for each of them.

Floyd, the president, said that any movie that mocks this neurological disorder can only make all seizures look identical, which is utterly wrong. Also, it knocks the medical efforts to provide the right information.

An open letter was sent to California-based Netflix, The CEO Reed Hastings, and other epilepsy foundations showed the same view on the issue.

Making fun of someone having a seizure is bullying at its worst. When such responses are portrayed as acceptable behavior – even in movies – it is demeaning and hurtful to our epilepsy community and all of us. If someone is ridiculed for a medical problem, they are more likely to hide their illness and less likely to seek medical care or the help of others.

The After Party was put up the screens one week ago and highlighted rap stars like Wiz Khalifa, DJ Khaled, and French Montana.

The movie coordinator, Director Ian Edelman said that he wanted to display the social pressure on one to abandon his goals and the final power to overcome all the odds.

No further comments came from the Netflix representatives.


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