Melatonin Supplements Are Indeed Effective, A New Study Revealed


We are sure that you too suffered from loss of sleep at some point in your life. No matter how hard you tried to fall asleep, you always failed, even though you were exhausted, and you ever asked yourself: why is this happening?

You may think that all you need to sleep is to feel tired. Bu this is not entirely true. The hormone that puts us to sleep is melatonin, emitted by the pineal gland. If you lack melatonin, you will most likely have trouble falling asleep. Now you may wonder why your body doesn’t make enough melatonin, and there are many factors, like stress, that can contribute to this imbalance.

Sometimes, overstimulating your body before bedtime can lead to difficulties falling asleep. For example, working long hours, then hit the gym, only to come home and do chores before going to bed can actually get you more energized rather than exhaust you. Basically, your body is tired, but your mind gets an energy boost.

Melatonin Supplements Are Indeed Effective

Recently, a team of researchers at Manouba University led a study to observe the effects of melatonin. The scientists used a group of athletes to observe their progress. The athletes were given 10 mg melatonin pills to take right after an intensive 8 pm training session. What the group did not know is that half of them were given placebo pills.

At the end of the study, the athletes that took the melatonin pills reported sleeping 25 more minutes on average than those that received placebo pills. Even more, after the athletes were subjected to a test, the researchers discovered that those who took melatonin performed better, having been more responsive and focused.

Therefore, it is clear that melatonin can help you get a good night sleep. Not only does it help you stay asleep longer, but it also gives you a high-quality rest.


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