iVoomi FitMe Health Band Is The First Fitness Wearable Device Which Monitors Air Pollution


Indians made their emergence into fitness wearable devices bringing up a device which is also able to monitor air pollution. Today, iVoomi has ventured into the fitness and lifestyle market in India by unveiling its inaugural Health Band, nicknamed iVoomi FitMe.

The FitMe Health Band, priced at 1,999 rupees (around $38,50 CAD), has been available only at Flipkart since May 3rd, 2018. The highlight of this health band is that it displays the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the users’ region. Besides this, the FitMe band is likewise able to carry out basic measurements such as tracking steps, distance traveled, and further on.

iVoomi FitMe Health Band – Technical Specs

The iVoomi FitMe Health Band features a 90mAh rechargeable accumulator that can run for up to 5 hours when used continuously and up to 60 days when in standby and without an Internet connection.

The iVoomi FitMe is equipped with a 0.87-inch OLED screen that gives the user the flexibility to monitor real-time stats.

The iVoomi device, the first wearable device capable of monitoring air pollution, supports Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and can run on Android 4.4 KitKat or higher. Also, the device’s bracelet is manufactured from silicone TPU, thus making the FitMe Health Band durable, low-temperature resistant, and very flexible.

iVoomi FitMe Health Band – The First Fitness Wearable Device To Monitor Air Pollution

The device also supports wireless charging and comes with its own app, the FitMe Health App which records the statistics of up to 2 users. Also, the device is quite lightweight, weighing only 23.7 grams.

As mentioned above, with the FitMe Health Band and FitMe Health App, customers can track how many steps they’ve made, which distance they’ve run, as well as how many calories have been burnt during a training session.

However, the most important feature of the iVoomi FitMe Health Band fitness wearable device is the possibility to monitor air pollution in the users’ area. The gadget is available exclusively on Flipkart.

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