How to Keep your Stomach Protected This Summer?


During summer your stomach might be more sensitive than during the rest of the year. That is because the high temperatures affect our immune system, which means that the summer diet must be one that you choose carefully.

Eating the wrong kind of food during summer can lead to various digestion related illnesses, and the risks are higher than during the rest of the year. The Head of Global Reference laboratories, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. Kirto Chadha warns us that it is very important to manage our food habits to avoid stomach illnesses.”

Protect your stomach

There are a couple of things that you can do in order to make sure that your stomach will stay healthy during summer. First of all, the most important thing is that you drink enough water. Being hydrated is crucial when there are high temperatures outside.

When it comes to your diet you should try to eat more fiber. Your digestive tract will definitely benefit from food that is high in fiber. You can start by eating more vegetables and fruits, as well as whole grains.

It is also a good idea to try and reduce the amount of coffee that you drink. Caffeine is not good for your body and it can be even more dangerous during summer. Coffee might harm your digestive system and it could lead to heartburn, acidity or stomach ulcers.

Common digestive disorders

During summer you may encounter various digestive disorders. For example, you might deal with gastroenteritis. This disease is very common and its symptoms include pain in the abdomen, dehydration and vomiting.

Food poisoning also happens a lot during summer. That is because this infection occurs after eating food that was not stored properly. Summer makes this infection even more common, as the high temperatures can affect the food.

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