Healthy Lifestyle Might Decrease The Risks Of Dementia


Why are we so attracted to a healthy lifestyle? Have you ever asked yourself why do you keep exercising, eat healthy foods, drink water, and other liquids that are healthy for our bodies and mind? All the good habits increase your wellbeing, even though, at first, it might seem hard to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy body, healthy mind

It is not enough to keep your body fit and healthy, and your mental health is essential as well. New research found out that a healthy lifestyle as a result of a healthy diet and exercises might help people that are prone to develop dementia. Exercising and keeping a balanced life decreases the risk of this brain disease.

Dementia is a brain disease that causes a lasting and progressive deterioration in the capability to think and remember a person, thus affecting a person’s everyday functioning. About 50 million people are affected by dementia all over the world, 10 million new cases being recorded each year. Medical specialists of the World Health Organisation believe that by 2050 the number will be three times greater.

A healthy lifestyle decreases the risks of dementia

The new study was issued in the JAMA medical journal and was led by scientists at the Britain’s University of Exeter. The team conducted the study, which went on for eight years, on 197,000 people whose ages were over 60 years old. Among these 197,000 subjects, 1769 people were diagnosed with dementia. Researchers classified them in low, medium, and high risks of dementia.

The researchers gathered data from the subjects, such as diet, physical activity, alcohol intake, and smoking habits. The people who led a healthy lifestyle didn’t smoke and exercised decreased the risk of dementia, whether they were in the low, medium, or high category. The risk of developing this disease decreased by 32% in the people that chose a healthy lifestyle.

The ones that led to an unhealthy lifestyle increased the risk of developing dementia. The study is essential as it shows that, regardless of genetics, people might have a chance of fighting against this horrendous disease.


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