Flu Vaccines Are Good For Pregnant Women And Infants, And There’s No Reason To Worry


Flu vaccines don’t interact with pregnancies in any way and children are not likely to suffer any post-birth consequences. Also, they are more of a health necessity than a reason to worry, the study concludes.

The new research involved 31,295 children born from vaccinated mothers, that received immunization with the 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccination and 104,249 children of unvaccinated mothers. The study was completed by a team of Canadian and U.S. researchers, that sought to understand whether there’s a connection between the health risks and the immunization process.

The statistics displayed that children from vaccinated mothers had no higher chances to develop infections, chronic diseases, cancer, be admitted to hospital and others more than children born from unvaccinated mothers. The results busted the myths that shed a negative light on vaccination campaigns for a long time.

Only a few differences slightly ‘shifted the balance.’ Children whose mother was vaccinated had a lower risk of gastrointestinal infections and a little higher chances of childhood asthma. The risk imposed appeared to be minimal and could have been caused by external factors.

Vaccination Can Save Lives, Study Says

The most vulnerable categories at flu pandemics and seasonal epidemics complications are pregnant women and newborn. Health authorities highly recommend immunization to protect themselves and their infants

Despite the abundance of evidence, flu vaccination still encounters a lot of skepticism from Europe and North America mothers.

The team added: “[Vaccines] are important for developing the evidence base on longer term pediatric outcomes following influenza vaccination during pregnancy. Especially in this era of ‘anti-vaxx’ anxiety and misinformation, it is our duty to be clear: vaccination of pregnant women saves lives.”

A long series of studies reached the same conclusion, but only a small amount of research was made concerning the long-term effects. Although the present study is just an observational investigation, the group adds that the results remove any doubts. In a linked editorial is stated that flu vaccines are perfectly safe for mothers and infants. They are also a necessary tool to stay away from flu, which could impose severe threats for the baby’s weak immune system.


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