Disney World Theme Park Under Rabies Alert Caused By Feral Cat


Health authorities identified a case of rabies in the proximity of Disney ‘World’s Epcot theme park in Florida due to a feral feline that was the carrier of the viral disease.

It was initiated a 60-day rabies alert on a distance of 3,2 kilometers near the intersection of Interstate 4 and Epcot Center Drive by The Florida Department of Health in Orange County.

The department warns everyone that rabies is a significant health threat to mammals, and it can be deadly to humans, causing paralysis.

The feral cat has likely spread the disease to other unvaccinated animals in the area, that’s why visitors should ‘t get too close to stray or unfamiliar animals.

Other animals with a potential to be carriers are stray dogs, raccoons, bats, foxes, skunks, otters, bobcats, and coyotes and should be avoided at any price.

The spokesperson of The Disney World revealed that the feral cat slightly injured two workers, but the tests were not positive, and they returned to work.

This alert should not give a false sense of security to areas that have not been named under this alert,” the department said.

Symptoms and Treatment

The infectious disease can be transmitted through saliva, especially if they are bitten, scratched, or have a fresh wound that got in touch with contaminated saliva.

In case you got injured in any way by an unfamiliar animal, clean the area with warm water and soap and access specialized health care as soon as possible.

Rabies is a highly infectious disease that results in brain inflammation in humans and warm-blooded animals. The symptoms can be


-a tingling sensation on the affected area

…and later signs:

-violent movements

-inability to move some body parts

-loss of consciousness

-uncontrolled excitement


It can vary from person to person. The time when the first symptoms arise is usually one to three months, but sometimes less than one week or more than one year, depending on how fast the virus reaches the central nervous system.

The available treatment  is rabies immunization and rabies specific immune globulin (antibody), says the municipal service centers or the Public Health offices, that has to be administrated as fast as possible.


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