Dementia Prevention With WHO New Guidelines


On Tuesday, The World Health Organization (WHO) has released new guidelines. In an attempt to minimize the dementia risks globally, WHO recommends a diet rich in nutrients and more exercises. Avoiding common evils like tobacco and alcohol can also delay the onset or slow the progression of the disease.

Every year, the dementia rate is increasing with almost 10 million new cases. The figures are expected to triple by 2015, transforming Alzheimer in a growing public health concern. The international body of health warns that the disease is the result of the lifestyle and not an age effect.

Positive Recommendations

One of the central pieces of advice in the guideline is to be more physically active. Several studies show that sedentary people are affected by Alzheimer more often.

A Mediterranean diet, based on olive oil, simple plant cooking and little meat is also on the list.

“Several systematic reviews of observational studies have concluded that high adherence to the Mediterranean diet is associated with decreased risk”, the report said, “but modest adherence is not.”

Negative Recommendations

Health advice issued by WHO is giving up on smoking. This habit is known to affect the brain functions over time, so it is not a surprising factor in developing Alzheimer.

A common myth is taking vitamins or dietary supplements for better physical and mental health. WHO states that, if a doctor did not prescribe them for a clinical problem, the B vitamins, omega-3, antioxidants or ginkgo, as well as others, are just a waste of money.

There is not enough evidence that social activity stops cognitive decline, even it was a popular idea. In the same category falls the use of hearing aids and anti-depressants. Robert Howard, a professor of Old Age Psychiatry at University College London said that doing all the things that have benefits on physical and mental health can also keep Alzheimer away.

What is good for their [patient’s] hearts is probably good for their brains.


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