Common Cold Virus Eliminates Cancer in just a Week


Usually, viruses are a sign of illness, and catching flu have never been of any use until now. The common cold virus can wipe out the cancer cells in a week. Read on to find out how.

A recent experiment that focussed on bladder cancer proved to be successful.The unexpected discovery revealed that a simple cold could be the worst enemy of tumors. This can mean an entirely new way to approach the cruel disease.

The trial involved non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, a type that evolves in the tissue of the inner surface of the bladder.

British scientists gave an infusion of the bug to 15 patients prior to the tumor extracting surgery. They noticed that cancer was defeated, and in one case, all the disease traces disappeared. Scientists expressed their astonishment and hope for a future with a cancer-free population.

Chemoterapy May Be Just Ugly History for Next Generations

The side-effects of chemotherapy made life miserable to many patients, and these findings can put an end to pain. The virus-based therapy cut cancer growth with no drawbacks. We hope that the treatment will be an available option as soon as possible.

Via a catheter to the bladder, the infusion of the cold virus, coxsackievirus (CVA21), entered the body and inflamed the tumor. Most bladder tumors don’t possess an immune system. The immune cells of the patient targeted the cancer cells and killed them all. Once the cold virus found the cancer spot, it multiplied significantly to weaken it.

Prof Hardev Pandha, principal investigator of the study and Professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Surrey, said:

We are very excited about it. The virus gets into the cancer and replicates, like a little factory of viruses. It heats up the tumour environment, and is very specific in targeting the cancer – it had the least toxicity I have seen for years.

The experiment attempted only bladder cancer recovery, but future tests will indicate a way that eradicates all types of tumours, scientisists hope.


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