A New Study Links Eating Pasta To Weight Loss

A New Study Links Eating Pasta To Weight Loss

Low-carbohydrate diets make pasta and similar foods seem like the number one enemy of weight loss. But what if this weren’t true and you could still enjoy pasta while also losing excessive weight?

Good news, because it seems that this is possible after all.

It all comes down to the glycemic index of the pasta. Experts and researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada reached this conclusion.

The sugar from high GI foods such as white bread, white rice, and potatoes as well are digested and absorbed quickly in our bodies, and low glycemic index foods such as green vegetables are burned slowly.

Control trials investigated the link between pasta and weight gain

Researchers analyzed the supposed link between the tasty pasta and excessive weight. There were 30 randomized control trials with around 2,500 participants who followed a healthy low GI diet, but who also ate pasta instead of other carbohydrates.

They ate around 3.3 servings of about a half cup of pasta on average every week. The study’s results were published in the BMJ Open journal, and they proved that pasta did not contribute at all to weight gain or increased levels of fat in the body.

More than that, over 12 weeks, the individuals lost about half a kilo.

Explaining the results

The study’s results could mean the fact that lower GI foods have the ability to create a fullness sensation, so you will not feel intense hunger anymore.

According to the researchers, even if there are various types of pasta, all of them generally have a lower GI status compared to other starchy foods such as white bread.

It seems that white pasta also includes a higher micronutrient content than other products that contain white wheat.

“These results are important given the negative messages with which the public has been flooded regarding carbohydrates, messages which appear to be influencing their food choices, as evidenced by recent reductions in carbohydrate intake, especially in pasta intake,” according to the researchers.

As a conclusion, pasta does not have a negative effect on your weight, as long as it’s consumed as part of a healthy diet.

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