Winter Storm Will Hit Manitoba Beginning With This Saturday


The winter season is not finished, despite the fact, that is already March. The last week has begun alright but, during this weekend, a storm is predicted in Manitoba, while a second one is forecasted at the beginning of the next week.

The storm will hit Manitoba on late Friday or early Saturday

“The first storm is an Alberta low. It should reach into Manitoba either by late Friday or early Saturday and stick around to about Sunday. That should give us some snow probably in the ten-centimeter range. Although models are very variable in terms of the amounts they’re suggesting, and the amount of heat in the system. It will be an uncomfortable weekend,” according to Natalie Hasell, a Warning and Preparedness Meteorologist.

Meteorologists expect up to 30 centimeters of snow by the end of the weekend

“It will reach into Manitoba by Sunday and it will continue to affect the area at least into Tuesday, where Southern Manitoba could see another 10 to 15 centimeters of snow,” added Natalie Hasell.

According to Natalie Hasell, Manitoba residents should expect up to 30 centimeters of snow by the end of Sunday, this week.

On Saturday, the lowest temperatures will be 30 Fahrenheit, while on Sunday will be 29 Fahrenheit.

Besides, a second storm will add up on Monday or Tuesday, according to the meteorologists.

Temperatures and wind gust predictions for Manitoba

On Monday, a lowest temperature of 23 Fahrenheit, while on Tuesday it will be 11 Fahrenheit. Later the next week, the minimum temperature will reach 4-5 Fahrenheit.

Snowfalls are predicted from Saturday evening or Sunday morning to Monday night.

The wind, which gusts now at 7 mph, will increase to 8-9 mph later today or tomorrow. The next week, the wind will blow faster, reaching even to 12 mph by Friday.

Remember, that two storms are heading Manitoba and the wind my blow faster.

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